This Game About Making Coffee Is Actually About Making Sweet Love

Coffee is pretty sexy. Especially home-ground, French-press coffee. You heat the water, you grind the beans, you push the plunger. Yes! Yes! Oh, God!

Video game-maker of our hearts Pippen Barr, whose last game was based on the oh-so-dreamy Epic Sax Guy, has now crafted a new flash game about coffee, and also about sex.

Cheekily titled Hot Coffee (named for the now-infamous "Hot Coffee" sex minigame in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas), the game takes you thorough the stages of coffee-making, egging you on in saucy fashion.

Wait, wait… let the grounds really sit in the water… mmm, now push it! Push it real good!

Excuse me. I need a cigarette. And some coffee.

Hot Coffee []

Top photo: djrue/Flickr


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