To Think Batman Was Just An Instagram Pic Away From Being An Avenger

Sure, he's a founding member of the Justice League, but does the Justice League have a Hollywood blockbuster film in cinemas? If there's one thing Bruce Wayne knows, it's where the money's at. Too bad he doesn't know Instagram.

Boo Ya Pictures' latest Avengers short raises some compelling questions about the whole Marvel / DC Comics relationship. For instance, in the rare instances when the two continuities have crossed over, Batman is always pit against Captain America instead of Iron Man, I get the whole wholesome versus dark thing, but wouldn't it be great to see two ridiculously wealthy playboys beating the tar out of each other?

I suppose it's a moot point now, stupid Instagram.

Batman Auditions for The Avengers [YouTube]


    Well it's a good idea, but Iron Man would simply destroy Batman. Bruce Wayne, for all his talents, can't hide from Iron Man and doesn't have the mobility he does, to just take off and fly. Captain America and Batman are both super human, everyone would argue Batman is just human but he's pretty damn super, so there is a more balanced fight. 2 strategists and people using tools against each other is more "real" than Batman having an EMP on his belt to take down Iron Man, or Iron Man deciding not to use certain parts of his suit

    WTF? Batman took out superman and you reckon Ironman could take the Bat on and win EASILY? Try reading the series you are talking about.

      Try hitting the Reply button, first off.

      Secondly, and I really don't want to get into an anonymous argument with someone on Kotkau over whether or not Batman could defeat Iron Man because ultimately, it is the writer's decision who wins or loses. Cutting Superman down to size with kryptonite is not the same as fighting a robotically powered suit that gives similar powers of Superman without the obvious weakness of kryptonite. Batman was able to defeat Superman based on his previous experiences with Clark Kent and Superman, facing a new foe who has never been seen of or heard of in the DC universe would not be as simple and it is highly unlikely that he could prepare for an unknown enemy on the fly. Inversely, it would be difficult for Iron Man to be ready for the unknown Batman, but he is still human and Iron Man's suit is still NOT human and able to scan for human life signs. You can make whatever argument you like, as can I, as to who would win and whilst it might be a good way to waste an hour, neither of us is wrong and neither is right since it's a comic book and literally anything is possible in their universes, especially in a crossover *cough* Almalgam *cough* so this is a waste of time and gets away from the article. Plus I'm sure no-one else really cares

        Dude batman would totally kick Ironmans ass, and eat up the captain for seconds; he has. Magic belt emp; shark repellant; what more could you need!

    Batman? Neglected?
    Out of the 52 New 52 comics, Batman has like 7 of them.

    There's 1 rule regarding the Bats: He is ALWAYS prepared.

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