Uncovered Vehicle List In Max Payne 3 Reads A Lot Like A Grand Theft Auto Fleet

Someone on GTAForums.com pried apart the files inside Max Payne 3 and found a vehicle list shot through with callbacks to past makes and models from the Grand Theft Auto series.

There is an enormous thread going on both there and on NeoGAF, about the subject. Noting that this isn't the first time Rockstar Games has included source files representing assets found in other games, both sites are buzzing with speculation that this gives up details in Grand Theft Auto V.

As to that: "Skimobile" and "Chairlift" would indicate something taking place in the snow. There was a "Cablecar" in San Andreas of course. But 10 helicopter varieties are listed, as well as — gasp! — the Faggio 2! I expect the successor to GTA's iconic motor scooter to be mentioned during the E3 keynote.

Rumor: GTA V Vehicle List Leaked [NeoGAF]


    Dukes? As in Hazzard? Awww yea!

    Ahh, the Faggio.

    But it needs more Blista Compact.

      BEST. CAR. EVER.
      Except in San Andreas... it sucked there

    Harrier? Harrier Jump Jet!?

    that makes sense. The game is basically like a What-If 'Max Payne goes to GTA' type situation.

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