Why I Play Mount & Blade


    Plunkett likes it... game must be terrible.

      and yet, it kicks ass.

    "tutorial sreen"? Doesn't anyone check these 'articles' for spelling errors? And why does he call it a shooter?

      Might be a blonde moment, but I dont think there's anything wrong with his spelling of tutorial?
      ..and you can shoot bows right?

    Totally set in the wrong era and location for this type of game for me to enjoy - for example Rome: Total War was fantastic and never bothered with any other games in the Total War series until Napoleon: Total War was out and I didn't enjoy this at all. I also tried Shogun: Total War but it also didn't have the same sort of flare.

      wrong type of game my friend, Mount and Blade is no RTS

        Sorry, it kinder is, but not Total War, you do command units but its mostly just stand here and charge while you play your own unit.

        Anyways, Mount and Blade Kicks Arse, it has the best melee combat going around, much better than Skyrim or anything out. And there are so many sweet moments like when you are charging on horse, and a spear man kills you horse making you fly forward to the ground. As you turn you see a board sword welling foe with his blade up high ready to cut you to pieces, only to be struck death by a friendly arrow.

          Why is skyrim your primary example of great melee combat? It's terrible; there's no sense of a hit detection system beyond the entirety of the model you're hitting, it's about as basic as bethesda's melee combat has always been. The only thing remotely 'great' was the ability to select the hand of your choice, and even that mostly shone through the spell system.

          Just a mighty boast you're making, that's all, considering it's only backed up by two examples: a casual, best-selling game and a personal anecdote. :/

          "..much better than Skyrim or anything out."

          If your first point of reference for combat is Skyrim, then I doubt you've played every other game that's out. I've heard the combat compared to Dark Souls more than once though, which is a much less insulting comparison.

            Nick I liked what you said fruitlewp is just being a little bitch thinking he is smarter than everyone else when he isn't

        What's your point? You seemed to of missed mine.

        I was just saying that the era M&B:W Napoleonic expansion isn't enjoyable for me.

      might want to check out the mods to the game (warband) there are a lot of different settings

    I play this game Its absolutely amazing!
    Line battles are excellent when you are in clans.

    Great game, lacks polish but its massive and addictive and wont be finished in a hurry.

    Love this game wish they would make new big budget one with new gfx so rope in more mainstreamers to keep game alive

    You've only written sixty words, Plunkett, you colossally inept piece of shower scum, but you still managed a typo in "sreen". You stinky horse manure motherlover, you.

    Was i the only person who enjoyed having guns in the last version? Guns are fun! If the new game had just been more of the same combat, what would be the point? If you like the combat in the old game better, then go play it, easy as that. It's what i do. It's a sign of a great set of games when i can happily play multiple versions for different itches!

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