Mount & Blade Is Free On GOG Until Midnight

Image: TaleWorlds

You can't get much better than free when it comes to discounts, which means you have little reason to pass up GOG's current deal for Mount & Blade. Yes, TaleWorlds' sandbox medieval RPG is zero dollars via the online storefront, though it won't be for very long.

According to GOG, it's to celebrate "The Battle of Bucharest", an "eSports tournament with an abundance of kills and skills" based on Mount & Blade.

The rest of the Mount & Blade series is involved as well, just not at the basement-of-The-Borrowers-under-the-bargain-basement price of the standalone game. Instead, all four titles — Warband, With Fire & Sword, Napoleonic Wars and Viking Conquest — are 75 per cent off, which is still neat.

If you want your free copy, don't want to wait until tomorrow. The offer ends around midnight tonight (May 21). However, the series discount will be good until 8am tomorrow (May 22).

Mount & Blade [GOG]


    I think the mount and blade games are awesome. I find myself going back to them very frequently. You simply cannot go wrong for free.
    Never played Napoleonic Wars though, I would be interested if they ever come out with a single player campaign for it.

    Watched the Esports game of it for third place last night. Dammmmn a number of those players had some awesome moves. Can't wait to see what these guys can do when Bannerlord drops.

    What timezone? GMT +9.30 and it's only 11.50pm, can't see free game...

    I don't know how many hundreds upon hundreds of hours I have sunk into Mount & Blade series - I am currently playing Wabrand again. I'm not a huge fan of multiplayer though, as the battles (while awesome) are my least favourite part of the game.
    However there needs to be a multiplayer version of the main game.

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