Mount & Blade II's In-House Engine And Modding Tools Are Beyond Awesome

TaleWorlds' Mount & Blade II slipped under the radar (well, my radar) for a bit, but it popped up in my regular readings today and by golly, it's shaping up into something quite special. The developers have also been putting out regular blog posts explaining how the game is progressing, with the latest showing off its rather excellent, extremely flexible engine.

Rather than license someone else's tech, TaleWorlds has gone to the effort of crafting its own engine and as part of that, tools to make content for it. As the video here shows, it's almost like the team has thought of everything — from grand, realistic landscapes to putting a darn puddle on the ground that doesn't look like other puddles.

To try and combat the repetitive nature of textures, you can "colour" in structures with fine details such as moss and decals, so that each one is unique... except perhaps for the walls crumbling in the same place:

The best bit?

As standard, all of the features shown in this video that we use to develop the game, will be made available to modders.

Definitely excited.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Developer Blog 8 — Engine Power [TaleWorlds]


    Yeah that's one of the reasons I still use Unity, the texture painting is fantastic.

    My God I hope it doesn't take long for Napoleonic Wars to be released on this.

    If someone makes a mod where I can hit more than one enemy at a time, I'll never stop playing it.

    All this is nothing new, not to take away praise from the devs as they are making what will hopefully be a great game, but vertex painting, landscape and foliage painting, level scripting, tesselation, and all the finer details have been well available for a while during the previous generation. And all those tools could be available to anyone who used UDK or modded a Unreal Engine 3 game.

    It's fantastic that they are making their tools, what look to be, fairly simple for modders.

    This is a game I will most definitely get into. I played a bit of the previous game and its mods but kinda don't any more as its rather outdated (still good and fun). This is going to make gameplay MUCH more immersive which was my only issue with first.

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