A Year After It Was Announced, We Now Know What Mount & Blade II Looks Like

About this time last year, developer TaleWorlds released an announcement trailer for Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Since then... well, we haven't heard much else. If you've been hanging onto your saddle for something — anything — related to the game, then you'll completely destroy these new screenshots.

As you'd expect, horses feature prominently, not surprising for a game with "Mount" in the name. That and the first game had a lot of them too.

Sadly, not much else has been added to the official site. Clicking on the "Features" section takes you to an information-barren page. Don't despair completely, though — Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Nathan Grayson was able to get a hold of this snippet:

"The once-mighty Calradic Empire is in a state of decline. Warlike tribes have seized swaths of its territory. Client kingdoms have declared their independence. The Emperor has died without leaving an heir, leaving three jealous factions to scramble for power. Mercenary companies, bandit lords, and nomads hover on the sidelines like vultures waiting for a meal."

"A hero who can master the art of single combat, of leading armies in battle, of plotting ambushes and raids, and of exploiting the rivalries of noble houses and tribal clans may be able to unite this Empire -– or, alternately, to deal it the final blow that sends it crashing down. Will Calradia experience one final sunset e of imperial glory, or slip into a night of chaos before a new age dawns?"

And a few more happy snaps.

This is just three of 12 images the developer posted, hit up the website below for the rest!

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord [TaleWorlds, via RPS]


    It's a lucky thing for the devs it has great gameplay, cause they are never making a game that doesn't look like is has a graphics engine from 7 years ago.

    Looking good.
    Off topic-ish: Does anyone else try not to say mountain blade

    I'd like a game like this (the combat, the leading a horde, number of NPCs on screen), with this scope, with triple A graphics, on next generation consoles.

    graphics look good, my hope is improved movement AI for large battles since most were charge at the each other into massive blob. Which while like the time, I would like better formations when charging and the cav doing flanking. Simply I want a nice line when my charge of heavy horse lead by me coming crashing in. Also sieges with not just one ladder to assault and the cluster f of points in the walls. I bet it will be awesome tho, its one of those games where you care about your loses and losing alot of your knights is quite costly.

      I agree with most of that. Especially the comment about the siege. I find it a bit unfair that me and a few hundred men can hold back an army of 4000 with me personally racking up over 3000 kills simply because there's only one ladder.

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