Why Isn’t There Official Akira Lego?

Why Isn’t There Official Akira Lego?

Because, damn, there really should be. This do-it-yourself LEGO take on Kaneda’s bike from Akira was spotted by Hobby Media‘s Francesco Fondi and it’s fantastic.

The bike is the work of Ghimuretto San, a famed Japanese LEGO builder. Hobby Media‘s Fondi discovered it at the recent Treasure Festa.

This year, an official one-to-one scale Akira bike raced across Japan, and it went on display in Tokyo this past April.

First serialised in 1982 as a manga, Akira became an iconic feature film anime in 1988.

Lego Kaneda Bike: La moto di Akira fatta di mattoncini! [Hobby Media]


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