You'll Swear This Half-Life Headcrab Was The Real Deal

You may have seen this years ago, but since there's a good chance you haven't, here. See it now. Last week's story on that awesome StarCraft statue outside Blizzard's French offices reminded us that the primary artist involved, Steve Wang, is no strange to amazing video game craftsmanship.

Back in 2005, he made this stunning Half-Life headcrab, originally as a piece for his kid's Halloween costume, then later being adapted as a display piece.

I'm not sure what makes it so damn creepy. I think it's the veins. Urgh.

Steve Wang FX [MySpace]


    Hmm...people really need to make a Headcrab beanie

    Amazing detail. I'd still take a Giger over a Wang any day imo.

    Dat veins

    This should be no surprise as Steve Wang has designed a lot of the great sci-fi and horror creatures in Hollywood, including the Predator.

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