Zombie Playground Turns Art Into A Video Game Starring Kids, Zombies & Rap

Back in 2009, Masive Black artist Jason Chan (who draws wonderful pictures and even Kotaku mascots) gave the world an adorable piece of art that, while not directly inspired by Left 4 Dead, certainly captured people's attention at the time. Mostly because it looked like a Fisher Price version of Valve's shooter.

Fast forward to 2012 and Chan and his buddies at Massive Black - probably the world's best concept art studio - are working on a game called Zombie Playground, which uses that image as a jumping off point for a multiplayer shooter/RPG that has kids holed up in a school trying to survive against hordes of zombies.

Obviously sharing the same art style, it'll play in the third-person, and Chan tells us it'll also boast " a levelling system, different character classes, weapons and items".

We've got a ton of fantastic concept art from the game here, but for more info head below. I know, I know, it's a Kickstarter page, but these aren't no-name kids; the people involved have a ton of experience. Some of those chipping in include Runic's Erich Schaefer (Diablo, Torchlight), composer Shawn Lee (Bully) and Massive Black's own artists and animators.

Best of all, at least for me, is that rapper Aesop Rock will also be providing music. Aesop Rock, people!

Zombie Playground (#zpg) - 3D Action, Online Battle RPG [Kickstarter]


    Zombies Ate My Neighbors?? Approve 100%!!

      haha that was my first thought when I saw this! That would be well wicked! My second thought was.. that kid in the red jacket looks like a young Sughly with an eyepatch!!! lulz

    The reason I chose not to support this was because it's going to be a free to play game. And although I like supporting things, paying $10 for some virtual shoes isn't really for me. Plus, the $100,000 rewards suck, the game needs a mil before it has any decent characters.

    Just another poorly executed kickstarter, which is a shame because it looks decent.

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