Zone Of Enders HD Hits Japan Oct 25 With Collector's Edition

While the Western world continues to wait for clarification of the late-2012 release date for the Zone of Enders HD Collection, Konami's mechsperts have nailed down an October 25 release date for Japan, along with a special edition that'll have US PlayStation 3 players pondering preorder.

It's times like these that the import-savvy Westerner has an important decision to make. What are the chances that the special edition of the Zone of Enders HD Collection will make it to the US? Will they be missing out if they don't score the special version, with its two books — one covering ZOE in general, the other specifically covering the ReBoot — its soundtrack remix album and its special Anubis cover drawn by Shinkawa? Should they shell out ¥8980 ($115) for that version, or ¥9980 ($128) for the version packaged with the Z.O.E. 2167 Idolo blu-ray?

Perhaps some new screenshots demonstrating how much better the two PlayStation 2 games look in high definition will help them make a decision? Perhaps not. Perhaps they just make it harder.

Fans of Z.O.E. can head over to the official Konami Japan page and begin making their plans now. I might import one to keep and wait on the Western release to play. Or just blow all my money on the toys instead. Dammit. Lucky Xbox 360 players, with their region locking.


    Never heard of this game before. Very Metal Gear-esque, and looks amazing. May have to check it out.

      Never. Heard. Of. The. Game!? Sacrilege!
      Sigh, guess that's why it isn't a huge franchise :(

      There is a very good reason that it is very 'Metal Gar-esque' - It is a Kojima poduction!
      Back in the day Metal Gear Solid on PS1 actually shipped with a demo of ZOE.
      Definitely worth checking out :)

    Now that's a beautiful Collectors' Edition.

    I've never gotten the chance to play this, looking forward to it.

    When is the AU release

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