Alternate The Avengers Ending Raises Some Very Important Questions

Fair warning: this video definitely has spoilers in it. Including inside jokes. So if you haven't watched The Avengers yet (why haven't you watched The Avengers yet?!), please do so immediately and then return for this video.

If you have watched The Avengers, proceed on to watch the animated version of how Joss Whedon's film should have ended.

How It Should Have Ended : How The Avengers Should Have Ended [YouTube via Reddit]


    I liked it back when they actually did how it should have ended,rather than just random jokes.

      Agreed. This was cool, but it didn't actually change the ending.

      Unless the 'how it should have ended' part was waaaay back at Loki in the clearing, and everything after that was just bonus parody.

    I think Hulk smashed the youtube code!

    Anyway, that was good for a larf, cheers!

    Now that Avengers has made rather a lot of money, WB will be fast-tracking a Justice League movie, so Batman and Superman will have some ammunition for future trash-talk sessions. Except that the movie will almost certainly suck, so no they won't.

      And I reckon they'll do with GL what they did with Hulk: recast and redo him for the JL film.

    .... but TDK has still made more than The Avengers...

      No it hasn't. Avengers has made 1.3 bil worldwide. TDK stands at just over 1b worldwide.

    That Batman just reminds me of Abed.

    I'm not jealous, I'm Batman, lol. And he did sound exactly like Abed's Batman

    whats with the python?

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