Here’s Avengers: Infinity War As A 16-Bit, Co-Op Beat ‘Em Up

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Anyone who’s watched a climatic battle in a superhero film has wondered, if only for a moment, how cool said fight would be in a slick, co-op video game. I know I have. Avengers: Infinity War has the perfect example: Ironman, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and company up against Thanos on Titan. Well, thanks to this 10-minute animation, you can at least see what it might look like.

The work of animator and director John Stratman, this 16-bit rendition of the Titan fight plays out exactly how I would imagine it would in a retro game, complete with co-op moves, screen shakes and glorious parallax backdrop.

Obviously, you’d need separate screens for each player as there are so many of them, but that’s a minor (and non-existent) issue in this amazing piece of work. Funnily enough, it was an issue when making the animation, according to chat Syfy’s Josh Weiss had with Stratman:

“This was the hardest scene remake yet,” Stratman said. “Not only because of the non-stop action, but also because of its length and the number of wildly different characters onscreen. The part with the chunks of the moon crashing down was definitely a challenge, figuring out how to time each meteor, making sure each one came down in the right place at the right time.”

Don’t worry Stratman, your hard work and attention to detail is definitely appreciated. Now, figure out how to turn this into an eight-player arcade machine and we’ll make millions.

Avengers VS Thanos – 16 Bit Scenes [YouTube, via Syfy]

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