Batman Can't Be Decapitated In Injustice, Because There Are Limits

You wouldn't know it from reading many popular DC Comics, but there are limits to how violent the adventures of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman can be. At least in video games, and probably movies too.

That puts Ed Boon and his team of Mortal Kombat makers in the kind of conundrum classic to video games. These are creative people known for having characters who rip the spine from other characters. And the last time they made a fighting game with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, they didn't go that far. Some people thought that was weird.

They're making a new fighting game with DC heroes now. So how far will they go?

"DC understandably will never let us cut Batman's head off," Boon recently told me. "They're never going to let us stab Wonder Woman in the face... In this format they're never going to do something like that."

In Injustice you can smash Batman with a car and you can kick Wonder Woman — or any other character — on an upward, slightly diagonal trajectory, through the floors of a skyscraper.

There's no spine-ripping in this game, it seems.

"Violence is replaced with crazy, over-the-top action," Boon said. "We're making big, action-movie, over-the-top, kind of Transformers, Dark Knight, Spider-Man-type [action]. All the events you see in those kinds of movies is what we're trying to capture in this thing."

The father of Mortal Kombat understands that people were thrown by 2008's Mortal Kombat vs. DC, a T-rated game from a bunch of fighting game developers who were known for making M-rated, blood-splashed spectacles.

"I think there's an expectation when you see the words "Mortal Kombat Vs." — and you instantly put it in this category — that it's going to be bloody," Boon said of the 2008 game. "And you can't fault anybody. We've been doing that for 20 years. You'd be crazy to think we'd not be associated with that. And so I think that everybody's expectation was: it was going to have this level of violence." But like he said, DC just wouldn't ok that kind of thing, not in a video game.

The new game, Injustice, will be T-rated, kust like MK vs. DC. This time, however, Boon says they'll push that rating. "It's going to be a pretty brutal experience," he said. "Our goal is to push that envelope of what we can do."


    DC You need to harden the fuck up .

      When you make your own super heroes you can rip their spines out all you want.

    Not being able to decapitate the batman isn't DC's doing, it's because he's the goddamn batman!

    wow..wonder woman actually looks badass (assuming that's her)

      Was thinking the same thing! Maybe the movie won't suck if they ever get it off the ground.

    I like how Harley Quinn is getting a lot of exposure lately.
    Shes a great character. crazy little psycho.

    Kinda like how car manufacturers wouldn't license Gran Turismo a few years back if the game allowed their cars to be smashed up. It's a video game, seriously, how up themselves are some people?

    It seems a little odd, considering Earth 2 #1 had the three dying, but I guess only one of them died in a relatively gruesome manner (two explosions, one sword through the chest).

    Anyway, the T rating is a little bit of a worry, but I actually liked DC vs MK, so I think I'm gonna love the game.

    Makes perfect sense to not allow the DC characters to be brutalised like the MK characters, very rarely will a person not aware of MK gameplay actually search Tsang Tsung in an attempt to find something not MK related. The last thing DC want is for someone to search Batman and see a video of Batman being brutally murdered, especially if that person is a young child/fan.

    On an unrelated note...HOLY HORSESHOES BATMAN, looks awesome

    People WANT to see them killed in gruesome ways??? That's disgusting.

    It would be totally in character for Wonder Woman to impale someone.
    But for Supes and Bats, totally not.

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