Forza Horizon’s E3 Trailer Cruises Past Some Eyeballs

Forza Horizon’s E3 Trailer Cruises Past Some Eyeballs

Forza is one of the few first-party franchises Microsoft bothers maintaining these days, at least for more serious gamers, so you can bet it was showing off a Forza Horizon trailer during the company’s E3 presentation.

Here it is.

Congratulations if you got past 20 seconds, because as soon as I hear someone say “throw it down”, I usually reach for the stop button.


  • What is this DLC? a new game because I was surprised to see of road racing and night racing buts what’s with all the drifting and street racing… Maybe they are watering it down 🙁

    • Yeah, I’m not hanging out for this so far!
      Street racing and drifting is not why I play Forza, I hope this is a stand alone title and not DLC.
      It would be a shame for the feel and focus of Forza 4 to be completely washed out for this style of racing ? driving.

  • It’s a new game.
    Think test drive unlimited, but with Forza physics and engine. Day/Night cycle is in though.

  • I’m cautiously optimistic, it would be a shame after the incredible awesome F4 they sully its rep with some pop culture, drifter dude bro rubbish. I’ve read that the handling will be different to accommodate off road racing and drifting so I’m guessing it’s taking an Arcade slant and that’s exactly what they should not do if they want to keep their well earned respect from their devoted fans of the series. IMO F4 is the pinnacle of racings games thus far. I’m totally keen for a Test Drive Unlimited experience with the quality and polish of a Forza title though that would be awesome, so long as they retain its simulation oriented handling.

  • yeah after seeing that trailer, I was thinking Test Drive Unlimited as well. I was hoping of the end to end racing like in the very first Need for Speed that came out years ago. I was looking forward to this. Now I almost cant be bothered with it. Like every popular title that comes out they will inevitably screw it up and piss off their core audience.

  • Hrmm… So Forza 4 is one of the most amazing Sim Racers ever, you all seem to be agreeing on that.

    They’re now releasing what appears to be a more Arcade Racer, as a standalone game, outside of the cannon games, and we’re complaining?

    Well you know what, I love the Sim Racing in Forza 4, and I love some good arcade racing too. TDU2 was God awful, and the newer NFS titles haven’t been too crash hot either.

    But oh, shame on Turn 10 and Microsoft for “selling out” and making a game OUTSIDE (which they have stated time and time again, this is a SPIN OFF, not Forza 5) their core games to appeal to a wider market and thereby have more funds for future development of the games you DO want.

    I mean, shame on Naughty Dog for disregarding their “core” Uncharted fans by making a post apocalyptic game set in the future, and shame on Rockstar for releasing the non open world Max Payne 3 and disregarding their “core” GTA fans.

    /rant. I think you’re all being pathetic. Come back and complain when Turn 10 announce they are going the way of Big Huge Games due to lack of funds, or when they announce they will be discontinuing the cannon Forza games. Neither of these things are happening.

  • I think a few people are concerned that a Forza game is being made by a studio that Isn’t Turn 10.

    The studio they have making it seems decent enough though, it was formed by a merge of Bizarre Creations (Project Gotham Racing) and Codemasters (GRID).

    Also the other issue with your analogy is it would be more similar to Naughty Dog making a game called Uncharted but having it in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Or calling a game GTA and having a corridor shooter. If its called something else nobody cares.

  • i think this looks pretty cool, but i first thought; Hang on is this Forza?! i thought this was a new test drive unlimited or something, i hope that they don’t screw it up after such a good line of FM games.

  • Shame really, i own forza motorsport 3 and love it to bits, the track based racing is what in my mind forza stands for, not this street racing . BUT, if they have the great tuning and handeling i love from the old forzas i may really consider buying this after the price drops after a year or 2.

  • I Really Need Help!!! Please!!! After the career mode can you still earn money by doing time tlaris and quick races or can you do some career missions again.

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