Gaming App Of The Day: Screw You, Pocket Planes, I Want My Weekend Back

Try Pocket Planes, the internet said. It's fun, they said. It's by the guys who made Tiny Tower, they said. Well, you know what, everyone who told me anything about this game over the weekend, fuck you.

An interesting refinement on the "click stuff every now and then, wait a bit longer then click some more" genre of iPhone games — otherwise known as the "pay us real money and we'll speed things up" genre — Pocket Planes puts you in charge of a small airline.

You pick up passengers, drop them off, open airports and get new planes. That's it. Problem lies in the "just one more landing" compulsion it breeds, probably down to the fact that, like Tiny Tower, it hooks you into a rubbish game by covering it with tiny little pixel humans.

And don't get me started on the "clan" structure built into the thing that lets you unlock stuff like spaceships.

It's out now on iPhone, and is coming very soon to Android.

Pocket Planes [App Store]


    Looks great, waiting for the Android version!

    LOL 'fuck you' oh god i spat water onto my screen

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