Gaming App Of The Day: This Is As Close To Zelda As Your Phone Can Get

Unless you've hacked your iPhone and turned it into a jailbroken, SNES-rockin pirating party, you probably can't use it to play Zelda. Good thing there's My Little Hero, a lovely top-down action-adventure that channels the spirit of Link in almost everything it does, from its spammy one-button hack-n-slash combat to its top-left-corner heart gauge.

But while My Little Hero certainly feels like a Zelda game, it sure doesn't look like one: its aesthetics are more reminiscent of a Tim Burton film than any of Miyamoto's cartoony (or even his less cartoony) masterpieces.

The premise: you're a little dude. A boogeyman comes to your room and steals all of your belongings. You have to go into a dream world (entrance: your closet) to get them back. You can walk around with the virtual button on the bottom-left corner of your touchscreen and attack enemies with the virtual button on the bottom-right corner of your touchscreen.

The downside to all this: there are few ways to comfortably hold your left thumb on the virtual joystick without bothering your thumb (at least on an iPad — I haven't tested the game out on an iPhone). My Little Hero, like many iPhone and iPad games before it, would be far more suited for a good old-fashioned controller.

Still, it's a fun romp through imaginative dreamworlds that are well-suited for short blasts of gaming pleasure. And since Nintendo ain't releasing Zelda: iPad Edition anytime soon, this is as close as you're gonna get.

My Little Hero HD ($5.49) [iTunes App Store]


    well its on the app store for .99c for a 'LIMITED TIME ONLY'

    Picked it up, it's awwwwright but the aesthetic and premise is much closer to Costume Quest.

    There's an upcoming iOS Zelda 'homage' (read: clone) called Oceanhorn I think everyone should stay tuned for and looks fantastic, they shamelessly cribbed the Wind Waker aesthetic.

    Needs gyroscope - wont work with my originol iPad!

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