Grand Theft Auto Boss Sceptical Of Wii U's Appeal To Core Titles

Whatever you think of Take-Two or its boss, the company's principles are clear and it doesn't deviate from them. Titles like Max Payne, BioShock and Spec Ops: The Line get delayed because the publisher won't put out anything before it's truly ready. And it'll walk from high-profile licences like Major League Baseball because it sees no value in doing second-rate games.

So when Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick notes that the company has no plans to move any of its mature titles over to the Wii U, that's a significant appraisal of the system's perceived appeal. "I'm sceptical," he told Gamasutra in an interview notable for an executive's candid commitment to artistic quality.

But he's not sceptical of new hardware in general. Zelnick noted that a new console generation helps "separate the winners from the losers", and Take-Two plans to be a winner. He's also not keen on milking cash-cow franchises every year until they're depleted. "We're not trying to create something good and market the hell out of it," he said. "We're trying to delight customers with something great — and market hell out of it."

Four keys to next-gen success, according to Take-Two's Zelnick [Gamasutra]


    This is quite the blow to Nintendo. GTAV could be a deal breaker for a lot of people.

      Indeed, Nintendo fans have gotten so used to seeing GTA titles on previous Nintendo consoles...oh wait.

        That's a red herring. The fans are a given, the stated goal of this machine is to capture the 'core' audience. It will be an uphill battle without Take-Two on board.

      It certainly was in the Gamecube years. Had they released the GTA games on the GC (it was certainly capable of running them) they could've done a lot better out of that generation.

    I can't say I blame him. The Wii U will probably do OK initially, but I doubt it will have the adoption rate of the 360 and PS3 and their successors.

      are you basing this on the fact that the wii easily outsold the Ps3 and 360, or the fact that the successors to the ps3 and 360 haven't even been announced yet?

        But they didn't sell to core gamers. That's the difference.

          i wasn't making a point about who they were sold to, simply the fact that the wii easily out-sold the ps3 and 360 in total. you can move the goalposts as much as you want, but that original point stands.

        how many casuals are going to see the point of upgrading none of my freinds know that the wii u isnt just a controller but a new console

          The only reason the Wii was so popular is because motion control was new and "cool" and the Wii became a fad, touch screens arnt new or cool and besides the "casuals" now have their iphones.ipads and facebook games.
          If Nintendo dont get part of the "core" gamers then the WiiU will be another Gamecube or N64 at best sales wise.

        The difference being that the wii sold to mums and dads the elderly and all other walks of life that aren't part of the core demographic that see the point in console evolution.

        I would hazard a guess that over half of the wii userbase would be perfectly content with gaming on their wii for the rest of their lives if games keep coming out.

        The wiiU will be seen as an expensive and pointless upgrade to those people.

        It also poses the issue with only 1 wiiU remote per WiiU the last thing you want is your 2 kids fighting over who gets "The Good Controller"

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Same could be said for the mario titles haha

      Haha, such a bad troll. Can't even give you a point for effort.

    Finally someone with the balls enough to come out and say the truth...

    Not an unreasonable stance to take, I think. I consider myself part of the "core" gaming audience, and I certainly have no interest in the Wii U. Then again I don't claim to speak for everyone - I know of plenty of people who will still likely pick one up at launch.

    I personally was too disappointed by the titles on offer for the Wii to consider Nintendo the right "fit" for me, likely because I'm not a huge fan of Mario, Zelda or Metroid.

    I'm not saying those are bad games and I hesitate before calling the Wii U a bad console, especially since I haven't personally seen it in action yet, but I'm giving it a miss.

      ill give it a miss untill i see good games coming out for it

    Doesn't really worry me to much - I'll have all 3 new systems anyways. Though it sux for the people who'll have the WiiU as their only system though...

      Not me. The only GTA since II that was any good was Chinatown Wars.

    I agree with the guy, and I'm a zany Nintendo fan.

    Tablet features in GTAV could be really cool, but chances are that I'd get the game on 360 or PC anyway because the online system would be better (I'd also have more friends on those networks).

    I only buy Nintendo consoles for the exclusives.

    What!! No Rockstar Table Tennis for WiiU!!

    GTA is boring.



      I can never play them longer than 30mins before I'm bored.

      Believe me, as a person who still hasn't completed the first mission of GTA IV despite owning it for the last 3 years, I understand oh so well what you're saying.

      But simply because you do not like the series doesn't discount it's popularity. Needless to say Grand Theft Auto is one of the defining series of the last two console generations, it's popularity one could guess would rival that of Call of Duty.

      It could also be said that GTA III was one of the major factors in the PS2 winning the previous console generation, since for over 2 years from it's launch the title was a console exclusive for the Playstation 2.

      I guess my point is Grand Theft Auto is a renowned franchise whether it be your cup of tea or not, and it's inclusion in the game library of the Wii U could very well be a make or break choice for Nintendo. However the fact that the CEO of Take-Two has expressed his doubt about the success of Nintendo's plan to entice core gamers, and more importantly, his apparent refusal to port their more successful Mature titles to the platform, would be a very heavy blow for Nintendo, and one I would assume they're doing their best to avoid.

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