Guild Wars 2 Leaps Into Action August 28

It's going to be the future soon for denizens of Tyria, as ArenaNet reveals an August 28 release date for the eagerly anticipated massively multiplayer free-to-play role-playing game Guild Wars 2.

Beta testing has gone swimmingly, yesterday's stress test seems to have passed without much stress, and now MMO players have a date to put in their forum posts on how they're leaving whatever other game they're playing when Guild Wars 2 arrives.

And it's only two months away! The final beta test weekend event will be July 20-22, and then a few short weeks later it's on. Anyone else getting all tingly? I know ArenaNet president and co-founder Mike O'Brien is.

"We're offering gamers an experience that delivers on the promise of online gaming with a truly social experience in an immense, shared world," said O'Brien in the official announcement. "After five years of creation, development, and polish, announcing the launch date of Guild Wars 2 is a huge milestone for us, but the thing we're most looking forward to is seeing gamers from all over the globe explore this world and begin creating their own stories."

Interestingly enough, back in May we ran a story about a sign at a Fry's location in Texas that was listing a June 28 release date for Guild Wars 2. Perhaps they got the release date mixed up with the release date release date. I heard you liked release dates, so...

Let's have a celebratory trailer, shall we?


    YEWW! Finally a date to look forward to

    Hopefully that's 5 years worth waiting for :D

    I mean sure there is no subscription, but free to play implies no purchase cost, which there is.

      But you get the general idea.

      I think a more accurate description would be "single purchase".

        Buy to Play is generally what people go with.

    When I close my eyes, it's already here...

    *sniff* *sniff* did blizzard just shit them selfs?

      Probably not, if/when WoW does lose a significant portion of their player base, we'll get a timely announcement about Project Titan

      That said, fuck yeah Guild Wars 2 in 2 months

      probably not. With no subscription fee for GW2. Unless they flat out stop playing WoW, most people will have no real reason to cancel their sub.

      If your choosing between 2 sub based games in order to save money you might cut one out. Which isn't really an issue here.

      Though it could be that some of the mechanics make people annoyed with WoW


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