Guild Wars 2 Retail Ad Shows June 28 Release Date

Kotaku has obtained this photo of an advertisement for Guild Wars 2, seen at a Fry's retailer in Texas.

As you can see, the ad says ArenaNet's massively multiplayer online game, which is currently in beta, will be out on June 28.

So is it legit? On one hand, retailers tend to use placeholder release dates that are often based on estimates more than reality. (GameStop, for example, says the game will be out on June 26.)

On the other hand, this poster is a little more concrete than your average game retailer's database. It's a printed, physical object.

I've reached out to Guild Wars publisher NCsoft for comment and will update should they choose to respond.

Update: Here's a statement from NCsoft: "We have not released an official launch date within 2012 as feedback from our closed and open marketing betas will help us determine an exact release date. We will release Guild Wars 2 when it is ready."


    "We have not released an official launch date within 2012" , sounds like next year to me :\

      No, they have confirmed 2012. Just not when in 2012.

        they have until Dec 31st... but hope it comes sooner.. i bet about September or November

    Seems unlikely, they haven't even released 2 races yet for testing. Not to mention some of the later game content.

      My understanding for that is they don't want to give you everything, ie the races are there for testing for in house devs. But do want to leave some stuff for the public to be new :P

      those races have been tested by in-house staff as well as public beta testers who are under strict NDA as well as certain select members of press. So yeah definitely tested already.

    “We have not released an official launch date within 2012" why hello duke nukem forever conservancy, so happy to see u again...

    Hope it has a more successful launch then Diablo III.

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