Here Are The New Mass Effect 3 Endings You Requested

My copy of Mass Effect 3, well-loved and much-played, is on PC. As I look right now, Origin hasn't updated with the Extended Cut DLC yet, so I haven't been able to experience any of the new content for myself. My Shepards — Eve Shepard, who shall we say, chose to be controlling, and Kate Shepard, who chose to be destructive, remain frozen in time, sitting at autosaves created at the Point of No Return.

But Xbox 360 players? They've been going at it for hours. And some have been capturing video. Click on through the gallery to see all of Shepard's endgame choices, as re-imagined and retold through the magic of DLC. Fair warning: naturally, spoilers ensue.

The first six minutes of all three videos are the same: Shepard in conversation with the Catalyst, learning what his options are. After the Commander makes a decision? You can see for yourself. It's worth remembering that these are all the same Shepard. Your choices, flashbacks and character moments may vary.

But certain off-screen implications are made explicit on-screen. And if you wanted an epilogue? Boy, are these for you.

Me? I always cry at the ending. Because I am a sentimental fool. And no matter how the story ends — before or after being added to — it's the conclusion of a long ride with old friends.

Control "There is power in control. There is wisdom in harnessing the strength of your enemy."

Destroy "Against all odds, and in the face of the greatest threat this galaxy has ever known, we survived."

Synthesis "I am alive. All of us, synthetics and organics, have been changed."


    The endings still suck and you are missing the new one. Maybe some are easily placated.

    There is a fourth refuse the three endings or shoot the boy to get it I will not spoil that ending for you

    WTF! Why weren't these the regular endings? They're fantastic!

    Thanks for putting them all in one place, saves me some searching on youtube. Worth the minutes to watch but I'd have been disappointed to play through the game for hours again just for that. I am a bit curious if those "critics" who gave the original a perfect score will now alter that score since the original has been altered.

    Making the ending longer does NOT fix the ending!

      but now the ending makes a lot more sense. suck it up princess

    I'm glad I know that my decision to destroy the reapers had been explained so well now, I can rest easy now knowing that the mass effect relays will be rebuilt, and I didn't get the Normandy stranded on some planet and Tali can go home and build her house.

    This was a game series about making choices, saving the galaxy, sacrificing yourself for others, so they really couldn't have ended it with Shep blowing up the Reapers, then jumping out of the Citadel and landing on the Normandy to be whisked away by Joker where he spends his days in the beach house with Tali, I would feel cheated with that ending, sure it would be all nice and fuzzy that my Shed got to live with his love interest and they got to live out their lives together, but this game isn't about that so an ending that doesn't portray the gravity of galaxy wide decision making as needing self sacrifice would have insulted the excellent build up to it.

    I will say that for me, the new endings have closed the series. Still leaves a few unanswered questions but I think that is for more games in the franchise. All the things that I wanted to know about have been explained. The relays, the crew, the friends you made along the way, what happens to the fleet, what happens to the other races (to a point) and a bit more on that bloody star kid.

    I am happy. Sad to hear some (most, a fraction, a majority?) of folks are not.

    Why doesn’t the Quarian in the synthesis ending look like the (stock)photo of Tali beside Shepard's bed?

      After centuries on the flotilla, the suits have massive cultural significance; even now that they don't need them, it's pretty hard to let them go.

    For me, these endings fill in the gaps that I had assumed had happened anyway. Namely: Shepard getting his teammates onto a shuttle before assaulting the beam, Hackett ordering the fleet to leave, and the relays not getting destroyed beyond repair. The ambiguity left around everything else is just fine with me. Admittedly this all should've been there in the first place, but I'm even happier now.

    These endings succeed in that they actually feel like an ending to the player who invested heavily in the series. Does it fix the problems with the game? No. Does it fix the fact that three games of choices basically leads up to A, B or C in the last ten minutes? No. Does it explain what the hell is with that stargazer guy? (Seriously what the hell is with that guy?). No. But it provides a sense of closure turning Mass Effect 3 into a merely disappointing conclusion rather than an outright trainwreck.

    I still think the 3 endings are ridiculous! But THESE ending SHOULD have been there from the beginning.. Just at LEAST for the clarity even that these provide. Eh... My care unfortunately left after playing the game once :(

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