Hindu Leader Says Controlling Goddess In Online Game Is 'Denigration'

Upcoming free-to-play online game Smite features three Hindu gods: Kali, Vamana and Agni. According to religious leader Rajan Zed, the manner that they are depicted in the game is insensitive to Hindu worshippers.

The game, Zed contends, trivialises these highly revered Hindu deities, who are worshipped in temples and home shrines and not simply reduced to video game characters. Zed is calling for the gods' removal from the game, which is being developed by American developer Hi-Rez Studios.

Smite is described as "online battleground between mythical gods", and it allows players to pick their god and then duke it out in virtual combat.

In an official statement from Zed, the "Hindu statesman" notes that Hindus are, of course, for free speech. The issue here is that Zed believes Smite belittles Hinduism and hurts believers, as faith is something scared and should be respected.

For some time now, Zed has publically disapproved of how Western popular culture re-appropriates Hindu concepts and gods: whether that be Heidi Klum's Halloween costume, James Cameron's Avatar, or yoga mats.

The Official Site of Rajan Zed [RajanZed]

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    I could never imagine a developer putting the Abrahamic god or the messiahs or prophets of the 3 Abrahamic religions into a game.

    Put in all the gods. From Ahura Mazda to Zeus. From Allah to Yahweh. And piss everyone off.

      I agree that they should have all the gods. And you should play as Kratos.

    Hey I think they have every right to be pissed. I am 100% sure that if someone used Mohamed (especially because of the iconoclast view) or Jesus in a game like that the christian and Muslim right would be up in arms about it. Hell it would make the 6 o'clock news in nearly every country.

    You gonna add gods to a game, take your balls in your hand and add em all in.

    The issue with adding Yahweh, Allah and God to the game is that they're all overpowered. They are, after all, omnipotent, omnipresent and all powerful.

    That said, I would love to see the hypothetical Edomite storm God who possibly became Yahweh and Jesus in the game, just for sensitivity's sake.

    The Shin Megami Tensei series uses gods, demons and other fairy tale based creatures in almost all their games.

    Not only is there a representation of the catholic "god" but almost all the angels are used. It's part of what I enjoy about the game, I can fight or recruit beings such as Ganesha, Mithra, Thor, Lucifer, The Messiah, Angel Gabriel and so on and so forth.

    People take religion way too seriously.

    Why dont people know how to differentiate Inspiration from replicating?

    Faith is asinine and should not be respected. Please tell me why I am supposed to respect your decision to worship a grown ups Santa Claus. I am sick of the idea that religion deserves some kind of special treatment or reservations.

      Please tell me why I'm supposed to respect your decision to have no faith or religion.

        Where did Diddemz suggest you have to? Non-religious people generally don't demand their world view to be treated special.

    Pssh! They didn't complain when Kali stomped my ass in Vagrant Story.

    People should boycott this product and anything else coming from this developer until they to include Yahweh and Jesus. There's the objection that Yahweh and Jesus are too over powered, but I'm certain they can find some creative way of working around that. After all it's not like we need an accurate depiction of the mythical characters of the Abrahamic religions.

      Jesus isn't over powered, he can change the molecular structure of liquids, walk on water etc. At best he will be a poor man's Skeleton king as his ultimate will only trigger three days after his death.

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