It's Time For Pictures Of People Looking Like Idiots Playing The Wii U

Lifestyle photography. The art of making models look like they're actually using a product, and are either enjoying it or at least doing it properly. Some call it a lost art.

I call it one impossible to master. But bless companies for trying, because were it not for that, then we wouldn't have comic relief like this.


    I want to do absolutely none of those activities!!!

    Such a promising peripheral!

    There's a handful of companies that I like to rank "god tier"; anything they produce, regardless of how bizarre or absurd it is, will still be hailed as the greatest thing since sliced bread. Blizzard, for example. But Nintendo are definitely at the top of the list. If Microsoft or Sony proposed you wave a tablet around in front of the TV, they would be laughed right off the face of the internet and pages of comments would be filled with insults...

      You clearly need to visit some other gaming websites then :D

    This i s not for me

    That 'Wii U blue' everyone is wearing is burning out my retinas!

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