Let’s Settle This Once And For All: Genesis Aladdin Or Super NES Aladdin?

Let’s Settle This Once And For All: Genesis Aladdin Or Super NES Aladdin?

A while back, I got into a HEATED EXCHANGE with Kotaku columnist Lisa Foiles about her flagrant proclamation that the Super Nintendo version of Aladdin was superior to the Genesis version of Aladdin.

I did not remember this to be the case — from my recollection, the Genesis version was much better looking, and had better animation. Hadn’t they used real Disney animators on the game or something? Wikipedia backs me up, so I’m not misremembering that. And you had a sword! No wicked cool sword in the wussy SNES version.

But maybe I’m wrong. Enough people seem certain that the SNES version was indeed the better game that I thought we should put it to the ultimate test: An Informal Kotaku Poll.

Let us know in the comments. I am so curious to see who wins.


  • Having not played either version, I’m going to stick with the version I did play, the PC version. Although it’s probably just a port of one of these.

    • I think I played it on either pc or Amiga (as well as megadrive) and remember them being the same game. MD was definitely the better of the snes vs md games. We were still playing it at uniwhilethe Saturn, ps etc were out.

      • I’m taking you guys haven’t played either version, so if you’re willing to take my word for it, it’s pretty much a ‘no’ in both cases you’ve cited. The MD Version of Aladdin looked awesome – it really can’t be overstated at just how awesome the animation is. Also, it’s done in the cell-painted fashion of the movie. The music in the MD game couldn’t hope to touch the realistic (for the time) samples used in the SNES version, but the arrangements are better on the MD, and the original tracks (by Tommy Tallarico) are pretty goddamned amazing. I’d still take FM synth over most of the SNES output. Something about the clarity of the synthesis itself, and ‘that’ DX-7 style bass instrument that was used in EVERYTHING just gets me going. Although, I’m really, REALLY partial to the CastleVania IV and Dracula X soundtracks on the SNES- they contain probably the best uses of samples on the SNES I’ve heard.

    • The SNES one might look “better” from a sprite-art point of view, but the MD version actually looks like the Aladdin cartoon, which is important for a licenced game.

      It was also really great. Pretty much a Prince of Persia lite.

  • Both were quite playable. Megadrive version had direct involvment from Disney animators using a process that ultimately became the foundation for Earthworm Jim when staff from Virgin Interactive left to form Shiny Entertainment. That said during the time Capcom could do no wrong. Their output of the time was of consistently AAA quality.

  • There was no swordplay in the SNES version, you simply threw Apples. Megadrive had much better gameplay and smooth, slick animation. The SNES version had a much nicer colour palette though.

    • I found that was the case with a few different cross platform games… SNES had the nicer colour palette, where the Megadrive had better gameplay tweaks… One of the Battletoads games springs to mind.

  • I had the SNES version and a friend of mine had the megadrive version, from my memory SNES was better in every way, looked better , sounded better and had tighter controls, but this was 20 years ago so my child hood nintendo bias could be colouring my memory

    • They are 2 totally different games. SNES game is made by Capcom. MegaDrive game is made by Virgin and David Perrys’ Team.

  • Mega Drive one was definitely better. The sword rocked. Plus ABBA ABBA (mega drive owners will know what I’m on about).

    • Yep. David Perry was an amazing programmer and one of the only coders to rival Yuji Nakas’ skills (talkin just the MD here). Lead programmer on Global Gladiators, Cool Spot, Alladin and Earthworm Jim.

  • I was a SNES baby, and I had the super nintendo version. It was very, very average and felt like a watered down version of the far superior Dave Perry’s (creator of Earthworm Jim) Mega Drive Version. In the SNES one you threw apples at the bad guys… Nuff said.

  • I used borrow the MD version from my mate, it was awesome. Never got to play the SNES version. Although a lot multi platform games looked/sounded better on the SNES, I can think of one game that was much better on the Mega Drive; Jungle Strike.

  • Played and finished both (SNES once. MD many times!). SNES version is an good game in itself, but doesn’t hold a candle to the MD versions graphical styling, animation and the gameplay is pure action/platforming. MD version most closely resembles the film, and really feels like you’ve just “jumped in” to the world. SNES version just doesn’t offer much of a challenge and it can easily be seen that it was just a generic game with a licence attached, where as the MD version was built from the ground up too be an Alladin game. MegaDrive version all the way.

  • Genesis all the way. Let’s put it this way, looking at this game on a shop was the reason I bought a Genesis.

  • Whoever thinks that the SNES version is better is just obviously blind. The sega version is far superior in every way, fluid animation and better sound quality (yes they used a lot of synth, but it still sounds better). Oh and the gameplay was closed to prince of Persia. The SNES version felt bland, like I was playing an 8bit console game

  • My gf, who is an “Aladdin Gaming Authority”, has decreed that the one on the RIGHT is the superior version of the game. Sure the graphics on ‘the Left one’ are nicer, but apparently ‘the Right one’ has better gameplay.

  • I feel the two screenshots above are an unfair comparison. The true beauty in the Mega Drive (superior) version is in the flow of the animation. Crisp, smooth, just absolutely gorgeous. Fantastic platformer, probably the only one I managed to beat as a kid, loved every second of it. The heart racing carpet stage, genie’s level, the spooky atmosphere when breaking out of the dungeon (it’s because of this game I fucking hate bats). Genesis version is a masterpiece

  • I was a SNES fanboy as a kid. While my friends had all joined the SEGA ranks. This is unfortunately one game I had to concede defeat on – the Megadrive version was far superior. But I got my own back as the SNES versions of Street Fighter 2 (when it eventually hit shelves), Mortal Kombat, and just about anything else were always better on SNES.

  • The Megadrive version of this is far superior. The SNES version just couldn’t match it gameplay wise.

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