Microsoft Announces New 'Surface' Tablet PC

At a press event today, Microsoft announced a new Tablet PC called 'Surface.'

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer introduced it thusly: "It's a tablet that works and plays the way you want to. A tablet that's a great PC. A PC that's a great tablet. Surface."

MSNBC's Wilson Rothman described it as 1.8 pounds with a 10.6 inch display.


    Pics or it didn't happen

      The pictures are everywhere on the net or if you are lazy just go to htto:// and that´s it.

    I'll finish the missing bit of journalism.

    The touchpad cover thingo looks impressive.
    Why does this article have an xbox tag?

      Games on the system will come under the Xbox brand.

        Well shit. Perhaps I'm just a biassed PC gamer, but I find that kind of annoying.

    Ha Ha - Fail. I suppose I could browse all around the internet for more info, but the Microsoft page is a joke. The video button doesn't do anything and there's no detail of what this is. The specs are about as vague as you can get.

      The video plays fine for me... Maybe it was still be updated at the time?

    It seems chunky.. but then again it does have a full-sized USB..

    Not a surprise to me that they are doing this.. just hope it doesn't take 5 years till its released and when it does release, I sincerely hope they don't shoot themselves in the foot like Samsung did and release it for the same price as the iPad.

    Awesome. Now I dont have to buy an iPad if I want a good tablet.

      If you wanted a good tablet, you shouldn't be buying an iPad anyway.

      Oooh snap! Come at me iSheep!

    It's got USB... What is that?? Maybe one day we will see that new technology on an iPad in a couple of years..

      I doubt it since Apple is all about Thunderbolt. You'll only see USB on an iPad if Apple can spin it so they can say they invented it and it's the most magical thing ever, otherwise they will maintain that it's a bad idea and no one will ever use it. ^_-

        Yes and they are also looking to an alternative to electricity so they can claim they invented it.

        Seriously this tablet looks great, it has a full sized keyboard with a speckled grippy looking surface, this
        is then docked to the screen.

        With a wireless mouse it could do quite a few daily tasks and in the evening relax and browse flash websites, watch movies, listen to music or play some games with a proper X360 controller..

    "Chief executive Steve Ballmer described the iPad challenger -- complete with a built-in stand and ultra thin covers-cum-keyboards in a range of colors -- as a tablet that "works and plays."
    not sure if spelling mistake or.....

    I'm actually not surprised Microsoft announced this, given the smart glass interaction with the 360, it was a given they'd take a dip in the tablet market. Tablets still aren't my thing, but i'm sure some people would be excited about it

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