Nintendo Has Unveiled A New Model Of The 3DS. Here's Everything You Need To Know.

Overnight, Nintendo made the surprise move to unveil an all-new model of the Nintendo 3DS, called the 3DS XL. Boasting a redesigned case and a grealty-increased screen size, it goes on sale in August.

Just joining us? Here's everything you need to know about the newest handheld gaming system on the planet.

The links below will take you to our coverage of the 3DS XL's announcement, including essential information and product images, as well as some early opinion and commentary on the system.


    Come back when you have an AC adapter and a second joystick.

      I'm fairly sure the 'No AC charger' thing is just hearsay. I'd be shocked if they don't include a charger.

      As for the second joystick. Sure, it's great for all the people who bought Resident Evil and Monster Hunter but... no-one else. Few games take advantage of it, and none absolutely require it. The handful of first party 3DS titles demoed at E3 don't use it either. It's just like the Zapper, Wii Speak or N64 Controller Pak... the niche Nintendo add-ons that aren't supported and abandoned.

    Hmm. Can't say that I'm that impressed with the improvements. But a larger screen and longer battery life isn't bad. Unless Nintendo plan to announce a 3DS XLi or something I'm probably end up getting one of these next year. Can't put off getting one forever after all.

    The DS lite was the most popular because it shrunk the size of the console with no compromises and maximum benefits across all boards especially with batteries. And most of all it kept the price consistent or otherwise cheaper than the original DS.

    This on the other hand is just a mess.

      This is not the DS Lite analogue, it's the DSi XL. A big, chunky thing for old people or those who don't mind trading portability for screen real estate.

      It's not a mess. It actually makes me want a 3DS now, since I personally find the form factor of the current 3DS rather cramped. When I was playing around with a 3DS in store I felt like I wouldn't be playing for periods longer than half hour at a time if that it just felt too tiny & cramped in my hands.

    um luke.. HELLO WORLD means something else look it up.

      what? HELLO WORLD is referencing the fact that this is a new design being introduced to the world

        Hello world is often used as a term for the first piece of software you get running on a certain platform. Like a proof of concept app or something like that I think.

          It's also a song from the Saddle Club, but everything in context

      'Hello world' is perfectly appropriate in this context. You're nit-picking and not even getting it right.

    Does this mean the standard 3DS will be cheaper

    How come CNet Asoa has a picture (the red and black 3DS XL) that shows a 2nd joystick?

    Hmm I'll just keep waiting until they add in the second stick. If they don't, then I guess I'll skip the entire generation.

    I like this. Definitely gonna buy one. Now I can street pass myself every 6 hours (or cheat the clocks =D) and beat the Street Pass game's by myself. God knows it's hard enough when you go to a major city and get 2 passes...

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