Nintendo Is Releasing Mario DLC. That You Pay For.

Hi, Nintendo. Welcome to the DLC era.

Nintendo of America's Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed today that, when New Super Mario Bros. 2 is released on 3DS in August, it'll be supported post-release by new, paid downloadable content.

After making very sure he promised that this wouldn't be affecting development on the core title, Fils-Aime says that new "coin rush" stages will be made available down the line, though he couldn't reveal how or when these would be released.


    Sigh, this was the one thing I still loved Nintendo for not doing. By no means am going on a nerd rage I hate them spree now, but they now officially have nothing over any other company other than their franchises. Crappy new 3DS, they can't be bothered doing smash bros in house, and paid DLC, what a shitty games news day.

      You, you see the ability to have expansion packs as a negative?

        There is a reason they stopped calling them an expansion pack and named it DLC. People expect an expansion of the game in an Expansion Pack, with DLC they can sell you a palette swapped Mario or an additional map for much more than it would be worth in a full game.

        For example, base game is 60 dollars, DLC that gives you extra content is 15 dollars which is 25% of the original purchase price however the DLC is nowhere near 25% of the size of the original game.

        Basically its a way for them to get more money out of us for less work.

    As long as they aren't charging for core game experience type things; I don't mind this.

    I'm a bit confused about how this works. . . from what I understood from the European conference Coin Rush mode basically has you competing in a time attack mode to get the most coins in levels already in the game. . .

    Does that mean with this DLC we'll be paying to play levels already in the game in coin rush mode?

    My only issue with this is that the Australian eShop is so revoltingly overpriced that you will borderline never be able to make a purchase that's worth what you've paid for it. I don't mind paying slightly more than Americans but Nintendo has taken this to a whole new level.

      solution: import USA hardware, games and point cards.
      hardware is cheaper.
      physical & download games are cheaper.
      bigger range.
      earlier release dates.
      never deal with eb/game employees again, plus you never need to leave your house again*!

      buy buying local you are agreeing to being ass raped by ninty hq oz.

      *assuming you also order other essentials (toilet paper, and maybe some kind of soap substance)

      Yep, there's plenty of things I would try on the E-Shop, but until Nintendo sorts out their Australian pricing to reflect the actual exchange rate then I'll pass.

    I think this will take away from the target audience, ie children.. I would rather gold star all levels to unlock gold mario than pay $1.99 for access

    I highly doubt Nintendo will pull crap like $3 for a different coloured Mario, more likely it will be stuff thats actually worth paying for such as extra worlds.

    If it's cohesive and complete level packs, which just deliver more fantastic Mario without having to wait years for a sequel (if one comes at all), this news makes me pretty happy.

    IIRC SMB3 on the GBA had extra levels you could get with an E-Card reader, problem is no-one had the reader or the cards (I never saw it in Australia at any rate) at least with this the infrastructure is already there.

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