Nintendo's Ninja Star Nintendo Land Game Exposes Wii U Problem

One of my main concerns about the Wii U is that it has the same controller-syncing problems that required lots of one-button manual recalibration of the Wii Motion Plus Remote in Wii Sports Resort and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

The problem is that the Wii U sometimes wants you to point the GamePad at the TV, but the GamePad doesn't have a Wii Remote-style pointing sensor. So the gyro sensors in the GamePad have to calibrate a centre position and then try to help the Wii U to remember that relative centre point. Before long, it fails to track accurately.

Watch the video to see how that goes, and note that it is not a fault of the gyro itself, which in several Wii U games I played today is easily able to understand the tilt and rotation of the GamePad. It just can't remember it's relative position to a TV very well.

The video here should make this clear.


    Thats some silly $#!t you need to fix Nintendo before launch

    I really wish Kotaku would just use youtube embedding for all their videos. The kotaku-player is so slow and annoying.

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