Oh, If Only This Majora's Mask HD Trailer Had Been Real

Earlier today, pranksters tried to pass this video off as official. Something Nintendo would actually be showing at its E3 press conference. It didn't, of course, because it's fake, but just because it's fake doesn't mean it's not terrific.


    You know how I knew this was fake? It looked to good to be true. Awesome work and art in there!

    Hell of a lot of work to do a prank. Hard to beleive anyone has this much time.

    I wish this was real.

    Awww... why isn't this happening :'(
    Looks so awesome!

    It would have been more believable (and nice to watch) if they had made environments outside of sewer area.

    love it (even though it's fake...), would love an excuse to play through that game again! although I think I forget how long zelda games are sometimes...

    I wish this were real, it's so amazing! Nintendo, please remake Majora's Mask!


    id buy that in a heart beat, nintendo needs to look at this

    WANT. (Even if it's not real - would love to see this developed!)

    Oh God. So much want. Nintendo needs to do this some day. It would pretty much guarantee me buying whatever it came out on.

    Oh my god, this video is cruel....Want more than any game ever, why oh why does this have to be fake :(

    The song of healing brings back so many memories!!!

    Wow - Can't wait for this to come out. Was woundering when they would announce something Zelda related.

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