Okami Gets HD Remake For The PS3

Early reports yesterday stated that Okami was getting the HD treatment for PS3, and while some doubted the veracity of the source, Famitsu has confirmed that the remaster exists.

Okami underperformed when it initially came out for the PS2, and we also had a Wii remake, but as much as it has become a cult hit amongst certain gamers, I never quite enjoyed it as much as I felt like I was supposed to. Still, I think Okami's unique art-style will be suited to a HD upgrade. It looked fantastic upon release and I expect it will looking incredible in a higher resolution.

The game arrives in Japan in November.

Okami PS3 Confirmed [Andriasang]


    I'll definitely grab this, I never finished the first one.

    Oh boy yes! Can't wait to play it again

    Can we get this on Vita please?....

    NOT a remake, jeez don't use misleading titles. It's an HD port.

    Man did I love this game. Best Zelda since majora's mask.

      Better wolf action than Link in twilight princess.

        Yeah - its funny both games were released at roughly the same time, because I know which one pulled off a wolf-flavored Zelda experience, and it wasn't Twilight Princess.

        Shame the sales didn't reflect that...

    And I hope these guys have the courtesy to actually make the thing 1080p with some new textures and an updated lighting system to compensate. Seeing the laziness behind the DMC HD collection has left me very sour.

    Why buy it again if my computer can run it better?

    Definitely needs Move controls - the Wii version kicked arse because of its controls. If it's the exact same game with the exact same controls, just in HD, I'm happy.

    "I never quite enjoyed it as much as I felt like I was supposed to."

    ^^ same for me. I still intend to come back to it though, when I'm in the right frame of mind.

      I think part of it is that the game is incredibly long. Probably too long - they could have made two or three games out of the material they had. The third act feels quite dissimilar to the other acts too, since it's based off Ainu rather than classical Japanese mythology.

        Agreed. After beating Orochi, the fox demon and the owls and then having to beat another big bad in the end, I was definitely worn out by then.

    Ps2 to Wii to Ps3... Maybe if I wait a bit longer they might finally port it to a system that I own.

      Amen to that - I'm still waiting for the xbox version of No More Heroes to no avail.


    I enjoyed the hell out of that game, probably one of the best on the PS2 - can't wait

    Well, looks like I have to get a PS3 now.

    If this is a port, too little too late. If it's a remake I might just consider buying it again =D

    This is currently sitting in my Wii pile of shame. Not sure if I should crack it open or just wait for the PS3 version now. In any case, this is good news!

    Screw PS3, I want a Wii U version!

      Actually ... yeah! Drawing on the tablet for this game sounds wicked! Good call!

    Hmm I've been considering rebuying for the wii controls, now I'm not sure which to go with.

    I'm really looking forward to the Move support. The Wii controls were okay but at that time, still clunky. It'll be exciting to see what they can do with the Move.
    They've already done touchscreen support with Okami-den on the DS, and I found that worked pretty well, though a bit awkward jumping between the stylus and the controls (not that it would be an issue on the Vita, I suppose).

    As much as I love this game, there's no point me playing it just for the HD upgrade. My original PS3 upscales my PS2 copy and it's sitting just a metre away..

    ha is the lagg in Okami in the port too????

    Now if only I had a ps3. I will own one in the coming weeks.

    You should definitely play through the entire game. It's 100% worth it. I hope it sells well. I want a sequel so bad.

      It got a sequel! Okamiden.
      Possibly my favourite NDS title, with amazing production value.
      Seriously, check it out!

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