Street Fighter's Characters Take A Punch (Or Three) To The Face

There was a silver lining to the dark, black clouds of defeat after you lost a Street Fighter II round: the post-game chit-chat. While the after-match quotes and character portraits are a fighting game staple, Street Fighter's really went to town by showing the loser with a face that looked like a side of chopped liver.

Or, in Blanka's case, a face that looked like a side of chopped derp.

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    Just wondering what the news is here... is it their 30th anniversary or something?

    And of course there's Super Street Fighter 2 where Bison's defeat picture shows him on fire

    I swear to god these people hang around tumblr all day looking for crap to post in the news feed.

    Really? I've always known that this wasn't a straight up news site, but come on! Just posting post-match losing screens for no reason and with no context? Oh well, at least they have Kotaku AU picking up the slack by acting like actual journalists.

    Plunkett should just go ahead and get a twitter account.

    If this was a comparison of the losing faces of the entire street fighter series or a good chunk of it, (I don't know how many games there are) but just the losing faces of SF2? That's just posting for the sake of posting.

    Don't be haters. It's a cool bit of video game culture. Also gave me a neat idea for my next wallpaper.

    julio cesar chavez jr!

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