Strikingly Accurate Tipster Resurfaces With Info On Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer DLC Extension

While he offers no citation, the same Reddit tipster who absolutely nailed every detail of the Mass Effect: Rebellion Pack nearly three weeks before Sony's Hong Kong website outed it, is back at it again with information on Mass Effect 3: Earth the upcoming multiplayer extension.

Quoting derptemp6698:

The fighting is fiercest when it's your home at stake! Mass Effect 3: Earth adds mods, gear, and new maps for Rio, Vancouver and London. It features three new weapons: Piranha assault shotgun, Acolyte pistol, and Typhoon light machine gun. Six new human N7 classes are also available: Destroyer, Paladin, Demolisher, Slayer, Shadow, and Fury!

I've reached out to an Electronic Arts representative for Mass Effect to get a confirm, deny or no comment. Any uttered will be updated here.

Multiplayer DLC leak, round 2! (Going to believe me this time?) [Reddit, h/t OldManOnTheHill]


    Sounds plausible, I guess. That's a lot of new classes and maps...

    a lot of people are unhappy with the way the packs work. constantly getting character cards when you've already maxed them instead of new ones and weapons you have yet to get.
    bioware didn't release a rebellion pack like they did with resurgence (which guaranteed 1 rebellion item)
    i think by adding more stuff, it will make it more enjoyable and less like a waste of credits

    First thought was that it was a bit odd to see so many human classes, but considering how many non-human characters there are now I guess it makes sense.

    Not to bag on about it. But ever since I completed the single player and had a meh experience at the end. ME3 news and new features is so low on my interest gauge. I think they really blew it if there's people similar to me. They wont get me putting any more dollars on DLC and the next game from Bioware will be scrutinized now rather than an insta purchase.

      They are working on free ending DLC, so we'll see how that goes - I was disappointed with the ending but here's hoping it improves.

      Also all of this multiplayer DLC is free, since it looks like they're more than making their money back through people buying equipment with microtransactions.

        i am pessimistic about the new content.i finished the game on insanity recently and felt even less pleased about all the hard work to get there only to have an ending forced upon me. though i will be open to what content they add but i don't have high hopes. i think they will keep their cooky cutter ABC ending and just try to explain away the superficial issues and not dealing with the core issues

    2 months after the first character pack was released, I still haven't unlocked all of the new classes.

    2 weeks after the second character pack was released, I haven't unlocked ANY of the new classes.

    Will to play... falling...

      My number one problem with this. After I realised how broken the multiplayer system was, I grinded through it to get my EMS up and never touched it again.

      I'll play it again if they rework the unlock system but until then my number 1 priority in life is to not play it.

    I wish they wouldnt just concentrate on maps and new classes/weapons. We really need some more creative objectives and some in-game turrets would be fun.

    I have not spent a cent on this game other than the initial purchase.
    I would like to send a big thanks to those of you that are doing the whole micro transaction thing. Thank....YOU!

    I would like to take this time to state my distaste for Diablo 3, the ME3 ending, on disc DLC and all other things whinge worthy on the net. Thank you all very much.

    Can our 'strikingly accurate tipster' let us know when the updated / improved / extended ending content will be released?

    ^ This summer (US) as said by Bioware

    This co-op game is addictive, but I would like to see them build on it, Involve big bosses, harvesters, maybe even a reaper. More game modes (maybe take the fortress from a set force instead of spawning enemies) or a bigger team with 2 objectives.

    The new classes are great but they can't just add new guns and classes over and over again, the new objective shakes things up at least.

      Now, see, if they can create new modes beyond just the old familiar 'horde', which allows you to storm a level, taking objectives and progressing forward through to the end of it... Well.
      I'm sure it'll add longevity to the multiplayer ME3, but what is more exciting is how it would help build the daydream of other possibilities...

      Bioware have mentioned they'd be very keen to do a MMO in the Mass Effect universe. Now, imagine if by 'MMO' your brain didn't immediately default to WoW-style hotbar+tab-targeting.

      I can understand how when people say MMO, that's the control they think of. Look how many do it. WoW, Rift, EQ1+2, FFXI+FFXIV, WAR, MxO, TR, AO, AoC, DAoC, Tera (yes, there are still hotbar abilities dammit), Aion, SWTOR, SWG, Allods, GW1+2, TSW, Ryzom, CoH/V, DCUO, CO, TESO, etc, etc, etc, etc, every fucking MMO for the last ten years.

      Imagine if they made an MMO using ME3 multiplayer's combat system. The basics are all there already. Levels. Skill trees. Loot drops. Upgradeable equipment.
      Small squads of special forces or mercs, fighting in quest hubs or in larger-scale maps for persistent world control... Imagine holding territory against a reaper invasion over a sustained period of time and being able to push forward to unlock a new area, Firefall style. Make territory control mean something, Planetside style. Launch boarding actions on enemy ships. Having other squads take over for you?

      There's a lot to play with in this concept space and I'd love to see a Mass Effect MMO come out that doesn't look like another fucking re-skin of WoW.

      Big bosses is one of the things I would love the most.

      I would love for Wave 11 to be a boss wave, instead of just extraction (which would also lend more credence to the decision to run away). For example, a Reaper/Geth Colossus/Cerberus Gunship turns up, and you can gamble your credits/XP against taking it down, or just extract to keep what you earned so far.

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