The Games Are Everywhere, But The Money's Still In Consoles

There's this constant argument lately among gamers, over who really plays, what counts as a game and where all the business is, anyway.

The folks at Mashable have shared an infographic that sums up the answers, and they are not out of line with what you might expect. There are more people playing mobile and casual games, but there's far more money coming from the AAA blockbusters.

With trends going the way they are, it's not surprising that developers like Crytek and publishers like EA are looking closely at free-to-play games and moving towards mobile gaming.

But still: what the infographic most clearly shows us is that it takes all sorts. Mobile and casual are on the rise, but we don't need to worry about our big-budget console and PC titles going away any time soon.

Video Games: An Industry in Flux [INFOGRAPHIC] [Mashable]


    Where's all the PC fanbois and PC developers with their "Consoles are dead" speil now?

      Isn't it possible to like both damnit?

    Funny how a week ago th data that was being used to doom consoles is now being used to say it is where all the money is.... some consistency would be nice

    Wait, is it saying that 70% of all console owners use their console to play games? Then 65% of all PC owners use that PC for gaming as well as other things. Seems a bit strange to compare that statistic seeing as one is a dedicated gaming machine and the other is not.

    Consoles ARE dead. PC wins. And it's cheaper too... free games with pay-for-optional-DLC is the future. You know it's true. So does EA. Blizzard. Valve. The people that matter.

    Just talking demographic size is only half the story. Smartphone games might not get a lot of players, but they are incredibly cheap to make, nearly free to distribute and have enormous profit margins (especially the freemium ones). There's a reason that for example Gree is the most profitable game company in Japan.

    30% of the people that own a console, don't play games on it..

      Yeah its called a Wii in the cupboard or a RROD 360.

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