There's Some F-Zero Hiding In The Wii U's Nintendo Land

There is some sort of Z-Fero style racing game, Nintendo producer Katsuya Eguchi showed today during an after-hours E3 showcase of the Wii U's launch game.

It's not clear how fleshed-out the racing game is. We were shown a brief clip of a Mii character finding a signature F-Zero ship in the game's Nintendo-item-filled hub world. ANd from there we saw a race... possibly single-player against other characters, running at a fast framerate, mixing in jumps and turns.

It wasn't deep, but it's the first official acknowledgement by Nintendo of the F-Zero franchise in many years.

(Look even more closely at Nintendo Land and you might find a famous spaceship from Metroid. No word yet on whether that does anything)


    I don't really mind a "Mii-ification" of F-Zero as long as the gameplay is still super challenging and deep

    I'd definitely prefer a proper F-Zero game and have the option of just using the Pro Controller, not the WiiU Pad. It'll be interesting to see how many games allow you to choose and not force you towards one or the other. There are a number of Wii games I haven't played simply because they don't support the classic controller.

    I always thought that a 3DS remake of F-Zero X would be quite fitting. I know not many folks will agree, but if anything can completely screw your mind with those 3D graphics as you race at about 1000kph on ridiculous racetracks , it would definitely be that game. Plus it would be fun playing with friends, hell i still play it with friends on the N64, still such a great game.

    Maybe its a sign that a F Zero U is being made. I sure hope so.

    What have they done?
    I want FZero like N64 and Gamecube but with next gen detailed models, environment, lighting and physics.

    This should be a different game say Mii Racing aimed at kids with cute characters.

    So lame to kick off next gen title like FZero with a completely different feel aiming at a different audience.

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