Here’s All Of Today’s Nintendo News In One Place

Here’s All Of Today’s Nintendo News In One Place

Just joining us? Have a paralysing fear of tracking down news individually? You’re in luck. Here’s all of today’s Nintendo news from the company’s E3 press conference in the one place. Handy.


  • Anyone else dissapointed? We could almost predict the games which will be shown off. Really starting to get fed up with this shit from Nintendo. Sequals to 20 year old games. That’s all this is. Oh well, at least theres some NEW games coming to PS3 and 360.

    • E3 is disappointing in general. Not just Nintendo’s. They flopped because they failed to address the hardcore market they promised to. Pikmin 3 is awesome and all, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I wanted to see Smash Bros, Metroid, Mother, F-Zero or Star Fox.

      • I think they showed way too little but for the most part considering its a launch dont expect 100 games, its not going to happen in any launch. Too many games to grab the attention of too few a user base. What we have are solid titles and whilst alot are ports remember Wii owners never had the luxury of ports of ANY of these games. That means future versions of the games will probably make it to the Wii U as well and as the user base increases thanks to no next gen competition so far (best case end 2014 since no hype announcements this year) expect practically all games making their way to the Wii U. With better graphics and touchscreen controls theres nothing stopping the Wii U unlike how the Wiimote and Bad graphics stopped the Wii.

        As long as its around AUS$500 it will be a launch day for me unlike some fools who would pay $1000 for anything with a sony or microsoft label on it i wont bite unless the price is right or reasonable

        All i can say is its way better then the Wii! Its better then the Wii!

  • I was really happy with ZombiU, the original concept of freaks from outer space was a bit Meh but now this seems like a must purchase

  • Lol biggest and most anti Nintendo person here. Would i expect anything less? Fed up with what $#!t? You dont play Nintendo games so stop your whinging i think the only thing you are fed up with is Nintendo spanking your favourite consoles out of the ball park. Boo f**kin Hoo sooky biatch. Prepare for some more sooky pain, as i said all Nintendo had to announce was solid Third party support and games and despite being mostly ports its a damn site better then what the Wii EVER got so thats progress, it only gets better from here. What did the Wii get at launch? Not even ports of a single popular game. Now the Wii U is getting plenty plus Assassins Creed 3. You must be trembling in your little fanboy boots over this because the Wii had no proper 3rd party support the Wii U seems the change that

    Besides the best stuff is yet to come to the Wii U. Launch games are only teasers. Have you seen a halo 4, CODMW3,Bf3 etc at launch No. So dont expect all the games now.

    Yes the Nintendo e3 2012 wasnt super amazing but for me it was all about the third parties. Looks like things are shaping up nicely. 2 Wii U gamepads, standard controller, vastly improved online and third party support – pretty much all i wanted to know and if a rumoured US$383 price (30000 yen) holds true an Aussie $499 or less is possible.

    I’ll expect more whinging and whining from you as i laugh and enjoy you sook. Hahaah

  • This whole e3 seems poor this year nintendo wins because it has the new hardware plus the biggest games I’m looking forwards to from e3 are south park, spiderman and NSF most wanted (burnout paradise 2)

  • Microsoft was Fail, Nintendo was a little bit of a let down and Sony was ok…. yeah, id say I’m disappointed this year… So far…

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