This Might Be The Last E3 In Los Angeles

E3 hasn't always been in Los Angeles, but in recent years it's certainly made the city its home, and the exterior of the LA convention centre has become the most iconic image of the world's biggest video games trade show.

Michael Gallagher, president of the Entertainment Software Association, tells the Los Angeles Times that if problems with the Farmers Field development and plans to rebuild the centre aren't resolved "imminently", the show may have to look elsewhere.

"We're still in discussions with the city of Los Angeles," Gallagher told the paper over the weekend, "but we have a number of issues that still need to be resolved. If we can't resolve them, we are preparing to go elsewhere."

The building work is a problem because the ESA needs guarantees that E3 can retain its size and access while it's all taking place, guarantees it's obviously not yet received. For reference, the show has previously been held in Atlanta, Santa Monica and Tokyo.

E3 convention may leave Los Angeles in 2013 [LA Times]


    Isnt Santa Monica in Los Angeles,maybe not offically in the city limits but in the general sense of L.A.?Like Compton,Beverly Hills,Malibui Etc..

    Would anyone really care? I'ts not like the average gamer gets to go to Los Angeles for E3. Plus LA is kinda a shithole. Other areas in California are much nicer.

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