Wario Shows Us Some Creative Things The Wii U Controller Can Do

Leave it to Mario's evil doppelganger to demonstrate the innovative potential of a new piece of hardware. As you can see from this video we shot of Game & Wario at E3 this week, Wario and his friends do a nice job showing off some of the unique ways you can use the Wii U's GamePad controller to play games. Seriously, Nintendo, why the hell wasn't any of this in your press briefing?

(Video filmed and edited by Chris Person.)


    This already looks like a much more engaging experience than anything in NintendoLand.

    Pokemon Snap Wii U. Make it happen Nintendo.

      That would totally work with the gyroscope.

    This looks like it makes gameplay harder than it has to be.

    This is still incredibly boring.... I guess kids will get something out of it.
    If Nintendo wants adult gamers playing on their console - I sure hope developers actually create games where you can just use the new dual stick xbox like gamepad - no fucking gimmicks Nintendo!!! Don't screw up a perfectly normal game - I no longer have time to remember 16 different motion controls to play one lousy game.

    Here I was expecting the awesome Warioware Inc. style of game - this is lame. Its funny too, how many times Ive seen PR people demoing the most simplistic of games and explaining the rules as if its rocket science - you cant make that shit up....dear god.

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