While You Were Sleeping

So it's alright guys! I survived my sky-dive! Hurray! This means I'm still totally free to wake up in the morning to trail through all the gaming news on Kotaku to find the most interesting stuff. So rejoice my friends! This is the news that went down while you were sleeping!

I've been sent a couple of emails about this over the weekend. Apparently some silly media outlets have been giving the Australian Christian Lobby the soapbox they crave, to rant about the R18+ rating. Bizarrely I actually agree that the MA15+ rating should be stricter, and I expect it will, but this nonsense they're spewing about the R18+ rating? Well, what can you expect from the ACL?

You will all most likely be familiar with that cool 3D demo you run after you've put together your new computer? Well apparently there will soon be a new one, and it's interesting to watch, just to get an idea of the effects that new computers will be able to pull off. This is purrty.

Apparently America is scared of Iran's video games, Call of Duty makes for a very un-romantic marriage proposal, and Team Fortress 2's official economist publishes his first paper!

In Short America Scared Of Iran's Video Games Says Iran These Are The Graphics That Gaming PCs Shall Be Judged By Call Of Duty Makes For The Most Un-Romantic Marriage Proposal Ever Australian Christian Lobby: Sex, Violence In R18+ Should Be No Different MA15+



    That looks like Garra as a kid!!! Someone hold me its cold and im so ronrey

      It's Kagura from Gintama. Shame the show is on a long hiatus again :(

      its kagura from gintama

    i got left 4 dead 2, and its so lame compared to the first because of the censoring, do you know if steam will release a patch to make that game "playable" for us aussie folk?

      I believe valve did say yeah, when we get our rating they'll release a patch.

    Do not go skydiving.



    I f***ing love Gintama

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