Your Ass-Kicking Guide To Getting A Job In The Video Game Business

Indie dev Martin Nerurkar wants to help you get your dream job in the video games business. And he's helping by giving you a brutal dose of reality.

Not everybody can, or should, be a producer, concept artist, creative designer or lead programmer. Sometimes, you just need to settle for what's most suitable for you.

I'd get all upset and ask which member of the games press pissed in his coffee for our appraisal, but most of them are a little on the rough side, so I'll let it slide. Because the truth, as they say, hurts.

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    According to this, I am shit out of luck.
    Yet I work in QA.

    All australian game devs should follow down the "no" path of "do you like money?" regardless of their preference.

    So composer or sound designer. I can handle that.

    Hrm not a single path involves making coffee.

    I'm a producer. That's not bad, I guess.

    Studio head

    Straight onto Programmer, that was fast...

    Ended up straight at programmer even though I'm a Technical Lead. We do still code.

    When I first saw this, I thought to myself that the most interesting option would be in the bottom right corner. So I worked my way through all the options till I ended up in the bottotm right corner.
    "Booth babe"

    Woo I do love making crates...guess that makes me an environment artist...

    No translator option? I'm roooooned

    Haha, that was great.

    Straight to programmer too, that's a relief :P

    Technical Lead, eh..

    Creative Director. Though apparently you have to be a hot chick to be a cosplayer >:?

    "Office IT"

    Well shit, I guess it works, cause that's part of my current job...

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