A World War One Game That Drops You Right In The Trenches

It was one of the most important conflicts in human history, but for all its impact the Great War remains an almost non-event in video game circles.

The war, which raged across Europe and the Middle East between 1914-1918, is often assumed to be under-represented in games due to the nature of the conflict. Who'd want to play as a soldier who sleeps in mud for weeks, climbs out of a trench and 30 seconds later is gunned down by machine gun fire?

Well... I would. So Gallica's The Trench looks great.

An ambitious first-person game that blends siege strategy with shooting action (and even stealth mechanics), you begin as a French soldier three days before a German assault. You have that time to get your defences up to snuff before the attack begins. Conversely, you can play as the Germans and plan the attack.

While it looks a bit rough, and the project has been quiet since February, the developers promise that an Alpha release of the game is "coming".

The Trench [Official Site, via IndieGames]


    Awesome. Been waiting a long time to see a World War 1 game. WW1 has always had an atmosphere and eeriness to it that the next wars didn't have - probably the fact that WW1 was really the last of the traditional wars before tanks and jet engines, etc. (though the original tanks started to appear near the end of WW1)

      Agreed. You'd have been scared shitless when you saw a tank coming towards you for the first time. I hope we get to take part in the battles of Somme and Fromelle as they would capture the true atmosphere of WW1. Also, the trenches were way to deserted, but it's not even in alpha so that doesn't matter.

        It's just at Verdun, but myself and a few others have asked if they are going to include a "module" system like Mount and Blade for mods. That way you could create whatever battle you wished :)

        It is just at Verdun, but myself and a few others have asked the Developers if there is going to be a Module system like Mount and Blade's so you can mod it to be whatever battle you want. They're working on it part time at the moment so they don't have much time to respond on the English Forums.


    It's not FPS, but it does an incredible, horrific and respectful (in its own way) job of showing you how some pleasant country side can be desolated into a death filled wasteland.

    I don't know if they will ever get a WW1 first-person game that feels understanding and morbid without being ZOMFG KILLING DUDES, DEATH AND SHIT YO.

      I'd argue that it's different then "ZOMFG KILLING DUDES" because of many factors.

      And toy soldiers is a different genre, it's like comparing Apples and Oranges.

    I actually think an Adventure game or Heavy Rain-esque experience would work better. You can't just throw a player into the boots of a grunt, you really have to explore the world that the soldiers lived in and came from at the time.

      That is a truly, truly awful idea.

    Just watching the vid made me feel uneasy - pass.

      That was a prealpha video.

    I've wanted a game like this for years. Just hoping it isnt a red cordial FPS or a multiplayer focus game.

    I know the government would never support it i've been hoping for ages we get a Gallipioli/Fromelle/Poziers fps.

    Then everyone can experience just how this country was forged over seas..... yeah it would be brutal and uneasy at times but, there are a lot of lessons that can be taken from it.

    I bet you anyone who played that would then be more understanding of our diggers and the horrors of war.

      They aren't even planning on making a Multiplayer part until after release, even then they said it was not definite.

      And what do you mean by "Red Cordial"?


      That's the website where you can view screenshots :)

    Give it a chance guys. It's still early but the theme is totally doable. Surely ww1 movies can provide enough insite for a fps. My advice, use what's been done before in gaming and focus on the shooting and button/key promoted close combat, be accurate with history and make the environment awesome.

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