For $1m, You Can Have An Actual Giant Mech That You Can Drive

The future is now. Well, it will be soon. Japanese company Suidobashi is offering to speed things up, announcing plans to build custom, actual, operational mechs — for over $US1 million.

Named the "KURATAS", the vehicles will come at a standard price of $US1.3 million, with additional accessories like shields and weapons available for around $US50,000-$US80,000 each. You even get to choose the paint scheme.

While there's the whiff of a scam to the whole thing — especially given the fact we never see one actually moving on a road — there's at least one operational model that you can see in a promotional video below, which also gives you a fairly comprehensive breakdown of how it actually "works".

Those expecting a futuristic level of driver comfort, be warned: the creators state that each vehicle is an "art piece", designed to make "your dream of becoming a robot pilot" come true. Or, more bluntly, "it doesn't guarantee you safety and comfort".

That's OK by me. This thing has a computer targeting system and functional (if non-lethal) weaponry. It's even got iPhone compatibility. If a bumpy ride is the price I have to pay to be able to drive a mech around in 2012, then you know what, so be it.

KURATAS [Suidobashi]


    Is it just me, or is 1.3 million for a mech an absolute bargain?

      Yeah, it does, which is why i wasn't jumping out of my chair as reminded me of Google Glass. The video throws you out of your chair in what it says you can do, but in reality, different story.

    How on earth is this legal. that BB gun would still kill someone I reckon. or what if they modified it to carry actual weapons?

    My God this is scary. As soon as the police get on this then we are all screwed.

    for what is basically a prototype for future mechs this is actually quite cheap and promising

    Is this a medium mech? also how many weapon hardpoints does it have, can I equip a PPC?

      Looks like a light mech at best, barley bigger than an elemental.

        Yeah at 4.5 tonnes it'd be around an Elemental or Exo suit size. So probably some MG's, a Flamer and mebbee a Streak SRM 4?

    You guys read the bit at the start right? piece.1.3 would not touch the sides

    It shoots gattling guns when you smile? God forbid you think of something earlier in the day that makes you smile.

    my favorite quote " from time to time it will hit its target"

    Shut up and take my money. And my kidneys.

    Smile shot isn't too well thought out. It can be 100% scientifically proven that driving a giant robot down your street without grinning like a madman is physically impossible, and shooting people with BB's is hilarious, I foresee a vicious (for the person getting shot) cycle spawning there.

    I'll wait for a fully battle ready iron man suit.


    Um, this is a animatronic puppet... and a really crappy one at that.

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