From Making Star Wars Scenes To Making His Own Animated Movie

Lance Myers has been working in the games industry for well over a decade now, mostly in the field of animation. While he's currently at Spacetime helping on the upcoming Arcane Legends, his last role was at BioWare, where he worked as a storyboard artist for Old Republic's cinematic sequences.

Before that, though, he worked in the movie business, where he contributed to flicks like A Scanner Darkly, Prince of Egypt and, even more awesomely, Space Jam. He's also done some stuff for TV, like writing The Ted Zone, an animated series that appeared on Adult Swim.

In addition to his gig with Spacetime, Myers is also toiling away in his spare time on his upcoming project Boxer Story, a 20-minute short film that he is writing, directing and animating all on his own.

You can check out more of the Boxer Story here, while Lance's personal page can be found here.

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Boxer Story

The Ted Zone

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