A Spaceship Game That Feels A Lot Like Being In A Relationship

A Spaceship Game That Feels A Lot Like Being In A Relationship

Listen, Space Partner, if we don’t figure out how to work together, the space bunnies are going to die horrible, lonely deaths. Stop screaming at me and upgrade those shields!

The neon spaceship you’re jumping around in Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime looks like it’s made for half a dozen interstellar explorers. But you and another player are the only people on board the globular vessel in this shooter/platformer hybrid. Stressful? Yeah. But also so much damn fun.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a little like FTL, in that it’s centred around the management of a wayward spacecraft. But, where the hit PC/tablet game focuses on strategic decisions that get carried out by automated characters, the people playing Lovers need to move around to each station and control it in real time. So, someone’s got to steer the ship while the other person mans turrets or shields. The insectoid space monsters attack from all directions — meaning that the decision-making with regard to what station to go to is constant and frantic — and, as mentioned before, there are cosmic bunnies to save. You can also get pulled into the orbit of heavily protected planets, which sort of serve as mini-bosses for the game’s levels. Tina Amini and I played the upcoming game from Asteroid Base. We didn’t do so great — gotta work on those communication skills — but we had a whole lot of fun.

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