How Blatant Is This Kamen Rider Rip-Off?

Next year, a new tokusatsu movie called Space Hero Fly is hitting cinemas in Taiwan. You might remember this movie the first time, when it was called Kamen Rider. Which Kamen Rider? Take your pick.

Space Hero Fly is a cobbled-together creation that rips off the designs of various Kamen Rider heroes, such as Kamen Rider OOO.

The similarities did not go unnoticed in Taiwan and Mainland China, where people were quick to point out, hey, this is a brazen Kamen Rider clone. In Taiwan, this even made TVBS news, which broke down the character design bit-by-bit, pointing out what had been swiped.

There are some differences, however, For example, in the upcoming Space Hero Fly flick, the hero not only battles monsters but also lawsuits. OK, I made that last part up.

台湾特撮『宇宙超人FLY』が、そのまんま仮面ライダーで完全にアウト [Hero Material]


    God damn it, let's just send over every single Kamen Rider villain and shut them up.

    Let's see how well they deal with Weather Memory from W.

    That's a pretty pimp design though, you have to admit.

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