In This Game, You Fight Against An Evil Organisation Out To Destroy Pachinko

Do you like pachinko? Do you have a 3DS? Well I've got some good news for you. Japanese game maker IREM will be releasing a new game on the 3DS called Pachinko Parlor 3D: The Open Sea Stories 2.

For the rest of you who don't know what pachinko is, it's a Japanese arcade machine that resembles pinball machine, but without the flippers. Typically played as gambling machines, pachinko uses more balls per game than pinballs do. More money, too.

Back to IREM's game, The Open Sea Stories 2 will have three modes available. In the campaign mode, where players assume the role of two professional pachinko players, you will fight against an evil organisation that plans to rid the world of pachinko. In the free-play mode, players can tweak the settings to change difficulties and play with no limitations. Finally, there is a collector's mode where you can play four retro games from IREM, one of which is the scrolling shooter game R-Type II from the GameBoy. Aside from collector's mode, the game will fully support 3D to allow for a more dynamic gameplay.

The game will be release in Japan this September. For more pictures of the game, click on the link below.

3DS用ソフト「パチパラ3D 大海物語2 With アグネス・ラム」が9月に発売 [4Gamer]

Pachinko Parlor 3D: The Open Sea Stories 2 [Official Site]


    Evil organisation planning to rid the world of pachinko? That's utterly hilarious considering the one that runs it (the yakuza)...

    There needs to be a game where the heroes get rid of all the smoky, gaudy, untaxed Pachinko joints

      wow pachinko is tedious enough...but without the actual gambling? couldnt think of anything more boring...

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