Join Olaf In His Skyrim Quest To Buy A House, And A Pair Of Well Fitting Shoes

Sometimes I see things on the internet, video game things, that make me intensely jealous. This is one of them. I wish I had this idea. Join CVG's Andy Kelly as he tries to take Olaf — a simple Skyrim hobo with no skills or adventuring capabilities — to the top of the mountain, owning the most expensive house in Skyrim. I have to admit, this is top quality stuff.

You can actually follow Olaf on Twitter to get constant updates on this fascinating rags to ritches tale.

All the YouTube video diaries can be found here.

Good luck Olaf. I believe in you.


    Reminds me of Chris Livingston's Living in Oblivion and The Elder Strolls series, where he played as an NPC -

    I once played as a simple blacksmith who only left town to do a bit of mining and hunting for the ingredients to make and sell stuff. It was pretty fun for a bit, i even found a wife and everything.

    Though after a bit it got a little more boring than my real life so i stopped.

    I really want to try Skyrim, but I only have a PS3, and I keep hearing it can be borderline broken on this particularly system. Can anyone tell me if its been patched or do the problems still persist?

      I've updated all the patches and I'm only about 30 hours in - hardly touched the main quest at all - and completed a few dungeons and half way through the Mage's quest and the bugs are still rampant. I've had everything from my companion's head sticking out of the ground. Skeleton dragon's. Door's that won't open. So, yeah, the bugs are still persistent on PS3.

    Thanks for your reply Chamboosy. How about the frame rate? That's probably what I'm most concerned about, nothing breaks immersion like a single didgit

      Raaa Damn touch phones. *Digit frame rate

      Yeah, the frame rate's pretty bad when there's a lot of things happening. There's a part in a Mage Quest where you have to fight a whole bunch of spirits in the town that are flying around and there's about five people fighting whilst trying to control things. Of course, they're all mages so they're shooting magic around. The game moved to a very very slow crawl at that point. I'm sure if the frame rate kept up it'd have been awesome, but instead it was just depressing.

        Mm still a bit on the fence with this one. Guess I'll just try it for myself, albeit when its dirt cheap.

          Even a relativity low end PC should be able to handle the game somewhat fine. They made the game so that it works with the bare minimals, a work/office PC could take it, so if you got one around, the steam sale might make it worth it.
          I would say around 512mb vid graphics, 2gb RAM and a dual core to get the basic grunt you need, although it will still slow down in the more consuming areas of the game.

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