MineCraft Creeper Hoodie Is Almost As Terrifying As An Actual Creeper

There's only one way a hoodie based on MineCraft can be genuinely terrifying. And that's this way.

With the hood down, it's a pixelated hoodie. A little garish, perhaps, but nothing too extreme. Pop the head up though, and it's nightmare fuel.

If you feel a convenience store employee near you needs to be extra-traumatised by a robbery, you can get one of these at the link below.

Minecraft Creeper Premium Zip-up Hoodie [Jinx, via Fashionably Geek]


    The Creeper one isn't a piece of clothing I would wear outside the house. The diamond hoodie looks pretty great though.

    Looks like something TISM would wear... how I miss those guys! :(

    I know what my wife will be buying me for my birthday now. My daughter would also love one of these, but she'll have to make do with the Plush.

    Without the hood on, it actually looks like some cool digital camo design. I'd wear it.

    Looks like it could function as a gimp mask in a pinch too.

    I can imagine that at halloween, a bunch of people will run from house to house saying “That ssssssure issss a nice housssssse you have there. It would be a ssssssshame if anything happened to it.”

    May the fashion gods have mercy on any poor soul who buys this.

    zomg this is a riot.

    I actually like this one better.

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