Get Through Future Monday Morning By Drinking Coffee Using A Minecraft Creeper Mug

Look, I'm totally aware that Minecraft merchandise is almost ubiquitous at this stage, and this is hardly anything special. But you know what? I'm guessing that on this Monday morning a vast majority of you are sitting at your desk. You're nursing some sort of caffeinated beverage and you're wishing you were sipping that beverage from this nifty, square shaped Minecraft creeper mug.

If you're hankering after this mug, you can order it here. It's not actually for sale yet, but it's available for pre-order. According to the website it's dishwasher safe, people. Dishwasher safe.


    Thats a nice feeling of lethargy you have there, it'd be a real shame if something happened to it...

    These were on sale at the ACMI gift shop during Game Masters.

    That mug has been for sale at for months now.
    I'm currently sitting at work drinking my tea from it.
    Always gets a good reaction when people see it.

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