New Super Mario Bros. 2 Trailer Shows That It's Definitely A Mario Game

Coins. Costumes. Collections. Yep, this new trailer shows that New Super Mario Bros. 2 sure is a Mario game. It's out for 3DS on August 19.


    That is hilarious.

    Just before everyone gets started complaining about It looks just like a Mario game..... That's because it is!! ...also, It's the first on the 3DS that is pure 2D and is not the same as the Wii U version.
    These are different games for different platforms. In the same way uncharted was different on Vita vs PS3. Much more different that the yearly COD.
    Um and if it was exactly the same game..why can't Nintendo do a multi platform game (3DS & U)??? It's like bagging someone for releasing the same game on PS3 and 360?? Diffrent platforms people!!!

    To complain that Nintendo Is milking Mario is also not required. It's what people want, so they are delivering.

    As a gamer I am sick of the hate..I like checking the news, but some of you just hate hate hate...

    Almost forgot... Good article Jason.....hope it didn't keep you up too many nights sorting that sentence out?

    Game journalists must got to fox news to learn how to be impartial, deliver the facts and let the readers make up their minds.

    I love Mario games in my pocket just as much as the next guy. But that many coins? I feel like I'm just going to get annoyed by them fairly quickly...

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