Oh Man, I Need This Awesome Game Of Thrones Xbox 360 Console

Tragically, this custom Xbox 360 isn't available in stores. It's just part of a competition HBO and Microsoft are running, where the wording makes it sound like there's only one of these babies available.

With the tasteful graphics and wraparound design (on both console and controller), those of us who don't win it can just walk into the living room, look at our regular Xbox 360s sitting there and...wait, that won't help at all...

Game of Thrones [HBO]


    that looks sweet i got a mate looking to get a slim xbox if only this was in store he would love it i think his gonna get the halo 4 slim though

    If there's only one, well... you win or you die.

    You are the cut-and-paste master, Luke.

    The people who like tacky shit like this and call it "Game of Thrones" are always the bandwagoners.

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